Free Home Business Kit For Downlad

I always have this bad habit of keeping records. At first, I thought of going online or computer to organized my home business and that include all the order forms, inventory supplies, etc. Suddenly I came to realize that I can do better through offline.
home business kit|freedownload
home business kit|freedownload
So I designed few templates for my own used which I am sharing now with my readers which I am so excited about. There are 5 segments in this home business kit, i.e. pricing sheet, expenses, sales receipt, supplies inventory, and order form.
As for the existing receipts, I figured that I need to paste and compile them in a book. As I was squeezing the juice of my brain, I just figured that using old magazines would do the same trick. So I grab for my 2010 Cleo which I don't think I will ever read them again and recycled them! Recycled and upcycled as part of the home business kit.
home business kit|freedownload
Some of the many loads of receipts that I manage to grab hold first.
home business kit|freedownload
The before pic.
Tadaaaa!! The after pic.
Well at least I don't have to spend more on buying books. Recycling makes the world a better place ;)
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