10 Things I am Most Grateful

As I am staying alone in my hotel room waiting for morning to come, to live life as it is, morning site walks, meetings, deadlines, presentations, bla bla bla......
There isn't a single day for us, human's lives, that we had to live without having to face any problems or complications. At times I really do feel exhausted and tired and just felt like resigning my full time job and turn to my jewelry passion and obsession. At times I really do feel like becoming a full time housewife.
During at these vulnerable moments, makes you realize things that you appreciate the most. Little things that may be unnoticed before such as the bright yellow sunflower that blooms everyday in your garden, the kitty that meows at your feet at mamak stalls, the red scarf that was given as a gift from your dearest friend to keep you warm, the cloudy blue skies that give your shades in your every step, that helpful old man who always help you to cross the road. See, we are so blessed with so many things in life.
This is a little poem I wrote some time ago as I was reflecting my journey through this walk of life:
I am thankful for the first RM200 given by my mom to kick start my hobby in designing jewelry
I am thankful that my husband is always there to drive me anywhere I wanna go when i'm supplies hunting
I am thankful my husband is willingly to do the postage
I am thankful for the creative mind Allah has given me
I am thankful I have bunch of loyal customers who are always there and do not mind to wait
I am blessed that I have my own studio corner at my place
I am thankful my friends keep and keep buying jewelries from me
I am thankful I have started my fitness regime, it helps me to not get stressed out
I am thankful to have quite a number of loyal fans
I am thankful for the good health Allah give
And most of all, I am thankful with the world I live in
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