Why Babies Theme Jewelries is a Must Have

"Babies are such an amazing gift and becoming a parent regardless of whether it’s for the first or sixth time, is one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of one’s life." - Disney Babies

Almost a year ago, my sister Sarah gave birth to a very beautiful baby named Maisha. She is a bubbly girl who are always curious. She is not difficult to take care of and she captures everyone's heart. She is an angel sent from heaven to us and I really love her. She has a very big smile and she giggles every time she sees something that she thinks is funny. She is a very active baby. She is the first baby in the family and, the first niece, the first grandchild, and loads of other firsts. She is something. Lots to celebrate.
Meet Maisha folks!
Speaking of Maisha, it reminds me of one of my favorite creations ; baby themed charm bracelets. The tale of charm jewelry is the history of man's aspiration for love, happiness and security. Nowadays, the demand is more on the miniatures with sentimental themes, something to be cherished throughout the life, some memories that needs to be celebrated.
Baby theme jewelries are such sport gifts for both mom and the kids. It creates such a fun enthusiasm and play. For mothers, it may mean to mark their first baby or the youngest or even when they have that baby shower. For kids, it will give them tickling dangling  fun ways to bedazzles the kids so they shine like a star. Birthdays and holidays are the best time to buy your kids some jewelries.
Thomas Sabo has an extensive choice of baby themed charms. See pictures below.
I had two baby themed charm bracelets earlier as you can see below. Most of the charms are resin and I love to mix it with some other glass beads to give the shiny look.
I can't wait for Maisha to grow up and I will teach her all my art and crafts. She will love it. I hope in the nearest future, there will be a day when I can finally wear my own baby themed charm bracelet. It will be the most unforgettable memories -  the day I became a mother.
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